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Mining needs mentors to get the job done says top miners

Top miners say the mining sector has not kept pace with other industries’ mentorship efforts, leaving young miners flailing.

Daniel, a senior engineer from Appin mine in Macarthur, and Keith, a long-time diesel mechanic from Denrobium Mine in Mt Kembla, say a modern approach to sharing knowledge about how to solve problems with equipment is what’s needed to tap a gold mine of knowledge.

To Daniel and Keith, who have both been privy to testing a new social media app for miners, Torqn, says that it has brought home there’s just no formal place for anyone in the industry to get help quickly from people they know.

There’re always problems that pop up. That’s why we have jobs

“There are dozens of things a week which come up with the machines. There may be a thru-put issue and you have to fix the bottleneck. Or there’s an idler that keeps breaking down and you have to figure out why,’ said Daniel.

There’s no-one to ask unless you’ve been around forever

‘Even the best engineers, mechanics, and operators come up against problems which take ages to solve,’ said Daniel.

‘Teams are always small and stretched thin. Often those who are higher up the chain don’t necessarily have the same experience, so you can’t always rely on them for their thoughts.

‘Unless you’ve been around for ages, then there’s no one really to call on for some advice.’

New social app, Torqn, the industry kick that’s needed

Keith agrees and sees that by bringing together miners who know a thing or two all in one place online, may just be the kick the industry needs to keep pace with other industries and build a stronger mentoring culture.

Miners want to give back

‘If you've been there and done that and do know a few things, I reckon it’s worth sharing,’ said Keith.

‘It’s not about showing off or bragging. It’s about giving back with what you know.’

‘If someone gets the benefit of that and they want to say thank you because they don’t have to get in the shit, then that’d be a nice change.’

It just makes more efficient what’s already happening the old school way

‘Even recently I was called by a miner in QLD who I didn’t even know who had heard I could help with something he was facing,’ said Daniel. ‘We shared plans and talked through his issues.

‘People have always been trying to use their networks the old school way without much guidance.

‘Torqn is just taking our industry into this day and age, which finally may give the industry what it needs,’ said Daniel.

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