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What happens as a mine mechanic, and you can't fix the breakdown?

Mechanics on mine sites cop a lot and there’s not always an easy fix. Here’s just a few of those annoying ones and the new ways to get them sorted before shift-end.

So, you’re a diesel mechanic or fitter machinist? Or maybe a light vehicle mechanic working in Australian coal mining or iron ore mining?

What are the bigger problems you’ve come across and how long did it take to fix them?

The soon-to-launch social media app for miners, Torqn, shares 3 common problems you might not realise others are up against too and how others can help you fix those issues.

1. Repair workshops - Where to find those that fix your machines.

How much time do you spend ringing around trying to find a workshop that fixes the equipment you need?

Here’s a good example of how Torqn can help. Jon selects the category ‘MAE alternators’ and posts a pic to the other people who work with these alternators.

Someone from another Aussie mining site, the manufacturer, or a workshop themselves can get back to Jon.

Jon and Cooper's Problem posts on the Torqn App.

2. Kinks and niggly issues in the machinery.

It’s not always that machines break down. Sometimes things just don’t quite work that well. Here’s a good example.

Cooper was getting jack of dealing with a kink in the Juggernaut engine coolant temp sensor. He could have sent out a query to the Torqn community. He also chose to try to fix it himself.

What do you know?! Voila!

Cooper takes a sec to share his solution. He moved the senor to the side plug hole. When others see this, they give Cooper the thumbs up for his good idea. Cooper feels good. Even the manufacturer looks at modifying the idea for future machines because everyone loved Cooper's idea. A win, not just for Cooper, but the industry.

3. Weird technical improvements that affect health & safety.

These are the problems that stump even the most experienced. For example, monitoring fuel emissions. Say the emissions rise. There’s a few pieces of the puzzle you have to double check, like dirty fuel, engine wear and tear, or the filters.

Wouldn’t it be good to get an idea of what it tends to be most?

A post that asks people if this is ever a problem for them would go to everyone who is following that vehicle, you’re working on. Their replies will get you some guidance on where at least you’re best to start looking.

There are plenty of others on shift too who might spot your posts. Social media isn’t 9 to 5. You may get your answer really quickly.

A bit of time saved helps you get home in time enough to see the kids go to school. Not a bad result.

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