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How this miner became an overnight success with this simple trick

When a machine breaks down and you’re new to the job, there never seems enough time to get the job done. Here’s one simple trick to connect to a network of mine mechanics.

So, you’re in your 20s and you’ve just come out of your apprenticeship and you’re all alone on a mine site trying to fix $10 million vehicles that breakdown underground.

It’s 1am and an operator had just lost control of the steering wheel because the truck’s gone AWOL. What are you going to do about it?

You’re outa options and its not an obvious fix

Been there? Don’t want to be there?

There’re two choices. You could spend hours of your shift figuring it out. That’s the usual way to play things.

Or maybe you can wait till morning and call someone who might know. But who do you call?

The other apprentices you studied with? Maybe the senior mechanic? You’d sooner get on with it. You don’t want to let them on that you’re stumped.

This might be the quick fix you need

Heard of those online forums for mechanics? Think their clunky and hard to follow? How do you trust whose giving you the info?

We’re launching a new app called Torqn. Yeah, good name, right? Nevermind…

Anyway, it’s coming soon, and it connects miners to other miners through the equipment they use and work on.

Torqn: a place to ask questions from people you can trust

It’ll be a place to ask questions of other miners right across Australia about the specific vehicles you’re working on.

You’ve got questions, and there are others who have fixed these problems before. It’s a little like a forum, but a whole lot easier to use.

You can find out who is giving you the info so you’re confident to trust them, and it’s much more related the vehicles you service.

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