Welcome to the Tester Program

Welcome to the Torqn 10 week Tester Program.

There's 3 simple steps each week - see below.

Start at Week 1
and move onto the next week after your survey has been submitted at the conclusion of each week.

This webpage will be your first step to check each week. It will provide your instructions for each week.

Check off each task as you complete it

Complete the 1 minute survey delivered to your inbox

Week One

Video Functionality

Goal: Compare video upload functionality across different Operating Systems to improve App performance

See Requirements

Week Two

Images v Non Images

Goal: Collate data on the most engaging form of images vs non image posts

See Requirements

Week Three


Goal: Understand the Engagement Drivers within Torqn

See Requirements

Week Four


Goal: Optimise Review functionality

See Requirements
a star rating of the mining equipment in the torqn app showing realiability, serviceability, usability and an overall score and ranking

Week Five


Goal: Optimise Speed of app across peak times to reduce lag

See Requirements

Week Six


Goal: Improve Problem posts

See Requirements

Week Seven

Improvement Tab

Goal: To help general users better understand the Improvement Tab

See Requirements

Week Eight

Video Comments

Goal: Showcase that you can respond in comments with video and test the rate of engagement on video posts

See Requirements

Week Nine

Going Viral

Goal: Measure App virality with shared posts

See Requirements

Week Ten


Goal: To measure App stickiness after 9 weeks of testing

See Requirements


Who can I ask for help?

Email Diana.Harb@torqn.com for any questions. You can also send messages to 0405 552 257 with your name and the question you have.

Where do I find the weekly survey?

The weekly survey will be emailed to you once you submit your tasks for the week. Please make sure you are receiving emails from Torqn. If you are not check your spam and contact Diana if there are any issues. 

When will I get paid?

At the conclusion of your survey each week you will get paid into your nominated Bank Account.