Week Nine

Going Viral

Week Nine is about sharing posts and seeing how viral it goes.

This task will show up every week. It is the minimum for each week's submission.

Ideas for suggested comments include: 
Support for the same issue,

Check: Please note the times & dates you are posting your comments.

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This task requires you to share 5 x DIFFERENT style posts across the week with people who are NOT on Torqn:

  2 x Video Posts
1 x Image
1 x Safety Alert
1 Text post

Check: Please make a note of the Time and Date and 5 x Posts that you have shared.

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That's how you do it!

You're done for Week 9!

You will receive your 1 minute survey at the end of this week.

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Who can I ask for help?

Email Diana.Harb@torqn.com for any questions. You can also send messages to 0405 552 257 with your name and the question you have.

Where do I find the weekly survey?

The weekly survey will be emailed to you once you submit your tasks for the week. Please make sure you are receiving emails from Torqn. If you are not check your spam and contact Diana if there are any issues. 

When will I get paid?

At the conclusion of your survey each week you will get paid into your nominated Bank Account.